About us

Jazz Dance Orchestra primarily known as jazz interpreters of pop and rock classics, as well as Russian folk songs.

The band consists of talented Russian musicians who was gathered in 2004 by trumpeter and arranger Vadim Zaydin in Moscow and created a new music taste and extended the life of the sounds of jazz.

The name “Jazz Dance Orchestra” was spread by word of mouth so fast that soon the band gathered a big group of fans that filled all concert halls they were performing in. Hundreds and thousands of people are sharing their music in the Internet.

Jazz Dance Orchestra started to to play pop hits in jazz interpretation, and their strange mixture immediately “shot”. Experiments of playing with different genres was quite successful: modern pop and rock hits sounded as if written in the 30s!

In the genre of “crossover-jazz” talent of Jazz Dance Orchestra emerged in full force. Any sugar hit (ex. Mika’s Relax) they can turn into almost a jazz standard, giving it a taste of eternity. The repertoire of the band – all the familiar hits of Michael Jackson, Moby, Black Eyed Peas, ABBA, Deep Purple, Ace of Base, and many others.

In March 2016 Jazz Dance Orchestra presented new album “Jazz roundelay” on the concert in the State Kremlin Palace. The new studio album includes famous Russian folk songs in the original jazz version. “In the meadow stood a little birch tree” was turned into an American 40th swing with rolling piano passages, and “Oh, the snowball tree is in blossom” – in blues, performed with all big-band power. Humorous song “Valenki” is performed in a style of Brazilian samba, where the typical melody of Brazilian carnivals, and vocal complement each other in the love lyrics of the song.

This is not the first Jazz Dance Orchestra appeal to Russian songs. In previous more lyrical album “Russian Souvenir” (reached Top 10 «Yandex. Music» in 2014) you can find” Thin Rowan”, “From the island to the rod,” “Oh, this freezing cold” and other songs. Powerful pressure of rhythm and brass instruments bring a new experience and charm of Russian folk songs. Heartfulness of Russian national culture mixed in Jazz Dance Orchestra music with rhythms of New Orleans, Brazil, Cuba, the American swing. The result is very original and colorful mix of musical cultures of different continents.

Jazz Dance Orchestra performs at the biggest Russian International Music festivals and events. Tracks of Jazz Dance Orchestra are aired in top Russian radio stations. You can also see JDO in the famous Russian TV Channels such as First Channel Russia, Russia 1, NTV, STS, Moscow 24. Within three years, the band was a permanent member of the comic show “ProjectorParisHilton” on the First Channel, where JDO played with Russian and international celebrities.